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NC Wedding Photographer captures Southern Charm at Tucker Place

We didn’t let the heat cramp our style on this August day. We created some of the greatest images ever for our lovely bride and groom!


Brittany and Jordan were married on August 20th at the beautiful Tucker Place venue in Midland, NC. Such a pretty place and all the special little details Michelle Poe (of Carolinas Southern Vintage) just added sweet charm to the day.


We LOVE details….


The girls were troopers despite the heat! All they cared about was their gorgeous friend, Brittany, and making her day perfect. (And look at these BREATHTAKING bouquets by Petals!!)


The beginning of a beautiful family!


Brittany and Jordan.. see how cute they are!?!


Ok… the guys… they were so much fun! When the groom is a fire fighter and some of the groomsmen are fire fighters, crazy things can happen. ha! Lots of cutting up and joking around!


Brittany and Jordan opted for a first touch.. always a favorite of ours.


Love the charm of this ceremony under the tree!


How is this for a good looking wedding party?2016-08-29_0021

And the festivities began…


Everyone was stuffed with Varsity BBQ and then BK Entertainment rocked the reception!


Kudos to whoever created this… Anne Miller & Petals! Stunning display!2016-08-29_0003

You can tell so much about a person when you hear the heartfelt toasts from family and friends!


Love this couple. They’re so in love! I have been photographing Brittany since she was a little girl and she is a such a special lady. On this day, we saw first hand how much Phillip loves her. So happy to wish them all the best in this new life together!





We had the pleasure of working with these vendors!

Venue: Tucker Place

Decor/Planner: Michelle Poe of Carolinas Southern Vintage 

Flowers: Petals Floral Design & Event Decor

Bridal Gown: Concord Wedding Center

Tuxedos: Concord Wedding Center

Music: BK Entertainment

Caterer: Varsity BBQ

Cake: Anne Miller

Photography: Irresistible Portraits by Karen Goforth



NC Wedding Photographer Captures Beautiful Images at Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville, NC

August 6th was one very special day! Brittany and Alex joined together to become one. It was a beautiful summer day. Was it hot? Oh yes, but so worth every minute of it. Trump National Golf Club is beyond amazing. All this beauty tucked in a cove on the lake. Yes, we loved everything about it!


We met up with the ladies in the woman’s locker room and jumped right in with the hustle and bustle of getting ready.


Brittany  already  knew she wanted some very special images of her very special little flower girl! How sweet are these images of her  dreaming of being a bride one day?


There were so many special moments during the day. Brittany is very close to her grandparents. She wanted to include her grandma that passed away. Here is her PawPaw putting on her pearl necklace. Tears.


Three generations, hand on hand…


Brittany is all about family.


Brittany and her lovely bridesmaids were so easy to work with. Their pretty faces were smiling all day for us!


First touch. No doubt these two are made for each other. Alex’s northern style mixes so well with that sassy, southern girl just perfect.



There is something very special about Alex and his family. Alex has a brother, Nikki. He is handicapped and in a wheel chair with Cerebral Palsy. He is the sweetest kid. Nikki was Alex’s best man. “Other than Brittany, he’s my life,” Alex told me. We watched all day while Alex and his family poured out their love for him. It was really awesome to see how much they loved Nikki.  Nikki was also the reason that Brittany and Alex met. Nikki was out in the yard one day while Brittany was leaving her house and she stopped to meet him. Then she met Alex…


The guys were so handsome in the tuxes.


The ceremony was so beautiful overlooking Lake Norman.


Family makes the world go ’round!


The reception was so elegant and beautiful! From This Day Forward did an amazing job with the florals and decor.




The toasts were very touching, especially the part when Brittany’s cousin/best friend, La’Raine, gave her toast. She talked about how Nikki had brought Brittany and Alex together and then inspired Brittany to be a special education teacher!


The IP Photobooth was a big hit, as usual! Some of the props even made their way to the dance floor. haha! Z Brothers Entertainment know how to keep a party going all night!


The new Mr. & Mrs. let us catch a few sunset images on the dock before they called it a night!


And then Alex and his love for speed burnt some rubber on the way out of Trump National Golf Club….


Needless to say, everyone had the best time at the Overcash-Urbina wedding! We sure did! We’re so happy for them and we’ll be sharing their all their wedding day images this coming Monday.




Venue: Trump National Golf Club, Lake Norman/Mooresville, NC

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Entertainment: Z Brothers Entertainment

Videographer: Soussou Productions (Click to see Brittany & Alex’s highlight reel!)

Caterer & Cake: Trump National Golf Club

Florals: From This Day Forward

Photography & Photobooth: Irresistible Portraits



New Mom Battles Hodgkins Lymphoma

Every now and then you get a phone call and know that God had a part in connecting you with the person on the other end. I was blessed to meet Kaitlin and Jarrett while they were planning their wedding at Ritchie Hill in 2015. They had a gorgeous April wedding and that was the last I heard from them until this March when Kaitlin happened to call IP. A friend of hers told her to call Karen because she knew IP was very active in cancer awareness. Focused on a Cure mainly shares breast cancer stories but we wanted to share Kaitlin’s battle with cancer on social media in hopes of awareness to Hodgkins Lymphoma.

(Be sure to scroll to the bottom to read Kaitlin’s recent update we just received!)

XOXO, Jessica


I found out I was pregnant in August of 2015 – my husband and I were ecstatic and everything early on in the pregnancy went very well. In November I started to notice a small lump on the left side kind of near the base of my neck. I saw a primary care physician and asked my OBGYN about it – neither were overly concerned, so I dismissed it as well. Through December and January the symptoms presented themselves very similarly to pregnancy symptoms, except for the now very large swollen lump on the left side of my neck that had seemed to move across my neck and down into my chest. After finally seeing a doctor who saw some need for concern, the ball started rolling and I was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkins Lymphoma on February 11. We were now connected with oncologists, high risk OBGYN’s and still seeing the regular OBGYN. After several long discussions with the oncologist and maternal fetal medicine doctors, a trip up to Duke for a second opinion, and a trip to a nutritionist, we were strongly advised to start chemotherapy, even being 30 weeks pregnant. I was very skeptical of the information we had gotten, really not believing that I can’t take a Tylenol, but a drug regimen of AVBD would not harm or affect my baby. I was feeling badly with the symptoms, but sure I could push of starting chemotherapy until the baby was born naturally – only 10 more weeks. 

I was scheduled to have a port put in on February 22, but because of the state of my lungs and the pregnancy the anesthesiologist refused to put me under and sent me to get a PICC line. I received my PICC line, then got a call from the oncologist, very gently stating, that if I did not start chemo immediately, I would likely stop breathing by the end of the following day. I was subsequently admitted to the hospital and received my first chemo treatment that night. 

From this point on I have had complications with my PICC line every time I’ve gone for chemo. Had it replaced – moved from the right arm to the left – and have completed two chemo treatments of the 12. (4 regimens – once every other every other week – duration total 6 months)

I went into labor naturally on the night of April 7, and had my beautiful baby girl Elliott Kaite Bumgarner on April 8 at 7:09 am. The morning they were discharging me from the hospital with the baby I had an ultrasound done on my arm to check some pain I had been having and found I have a very large blood clot in my left arm and neck. They did let me go home but am now taking a shot twice daily to alleviate the clot. 


From an emotional, mental and spiritual standpoint Jarrett and I have been handling things pretty well. Our families have been such a huge help through everything. (which I forgot to mention, we bought a house in early February before the diagnosis and set the move in date for February 19th) Both of our sets of parents and siblings have been here at our house countless hours helping paint, fix things, move things, clean things, organize things, etc. Several family members have taken whole days to just sit with us at the hospital or drive me to appointments. Everyone has been helping with a GOFUNDME account and giving financially. But most importantly, EVERYONE we know is fervently praying for us. God has provided everything we could have possibly asked for and made this process really as painless as it could be. I have not been sick once from the chemotherapy. I was worried about being induced and nervous about the kinds of interventions it might take to have my baby, but instead she was delivered naturally. She is not only hear naturally but she is healthy as can be and strong and happy. Our house is now a home, the boxes are unpacked, the rooms are painted and the space is livable. Jarrett and I celebrated our first anniversary on April 10th – and the list goes on and on and on. God has truly heard and answered all of our prayers and our families and friends and we are so, so blessed and doing well!!


We just received this update from Kaitlin today:

Most of the struggle throughout this whole process was actually figuring out what was wrong initially, once I was diagnosed and baby Elliott was born that was a huge weight off of our shoulders. Elliott was born April 8 and is a happy healthy baby :) 

Since Elliott was born there have been no other complications with the chemotherapy and we are anxiously awaiting the last treatment on the first of August. I have been truly blessed through this whole ordeal as I have heard chemotherapy can be very tough, but I have not experienced many symptoms other than fatigue and occasional nausea. God has put so many people in our lives to help care for us and pray for us and there is no way we would have been able to keep strength and faith through this process without His grace and mercy. 

Things are really looking good. A PET/CT scan last Thursday revealed there were no more cancerous lymph nodes in my neck or chest and all of the symptoms that presented themselves at the beginning are completely gone. I’m cancer free!! I only have three more treatments left and I will be done! We’re very excited and looking forward to getting back to our normal lives :) 





Happy Accidents – Cabarrus Living Magazine June 2016


by Karen Goforth, Master Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer

Some families think a portrait session is just too much hassle. Finding the perfect outfits, working with everyone’s schedules to find a convenient time everyone can agree on or simply getting all the family members to agree to attend can be a task. Once you get everyone to the session, things can go wrong then too. The new baby poops all over dad then pukes all over mom’s top that took her so long to finally decide on. Little brother skips his nap to attend the session with his older siblings and acts silly due to a lack of sleep. Your daughter forgets her ballet shoes for her senior dance portraits. Your dog runs through the mud on the way to the car heading to your session. Your sons bring their bats, balls and all things sports-related for their 5 and 7 year portraits, and everything rolls away from you as your open your van door in the parking lot.

After 27 years of photography, we’ve seen it all. But the good news is… It adds a story to your portrait! It’s worth all the preparation. We still get the perfect image that shows the personality of your family and when your visitors comment on your wall portrait, you have a story to share – a memory you’ll never forget. The laugh on mom and dad’s “new parent” face when they get christened in the newborn session ends up being their favorite image. Little brother lying across his siblings’ laps in a silly, tired mood is the perfect image to showcase their relationship and will hang over your mantle forever. Your daughter’s barefoot senior dance portrait means even more when you see those cute toes that you remember rubbing as your held her as a newborn. Your rambunctious fur baby, dirty paws and all, in your family portrait just seems to make it complete. The moment of pure frustration while chasing baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls through the parking lot was definitely worth the image of your boys with their confident smiles surrounded by their favorite things at this time in their life!

So the honest truth – Most kids don’t behave (two legged or four!) Most parents stress. But you get this one chance in life to capture this stage of your family and this just shows why you hire a professional who can handle all the happy accidents!

See the mobile version here.

NC wedding photographer at Lincolnton’s Laboratory Mill

Sunday, we experienced that wonderful feeling where you know you’re in the right place with the right people. Laura & Jordan were created for one another. You could tell even before they saw each other down the aisle. The raw emotions and respect for one another was unique and heart-warming. To make the day even better, the venue, Laboratory Mill, was incredible and the florist, Twigs & Twine Floral Design, did an amazing job!


Laura’s dress from Concord Wedding Center was perfect. It fit her to a tee! And her blue hydrangea bouquet just put her look over the top.


Jordan anxiously awaited seeing his bride, holding back tears of joy and looking handsome in his grey tux.


Did we mention how awesome this venue is? All the textures and details are like a field day for a photographer!


Twigs & Twine Floral Design created this GORGEOUS curly willow arch for the ceremony area. And they were a pleasure to work with!


Laura had ten beautiful ladies by her side as she said “I do” including sisters, cousins, childhood friends and a neice.


This group of handsome fellas prove that law enforcement have a softer, funny side because they kept Jordan calm and laughing as the ceremony time approached.


Laura had a “first look” with her dad and brother. It was so sweet to see their reactions when they saw their little sister and baby girl dressed in all white.


Then it was time for the ceremony… Brody toted a “Here comes the Love of your Life” sign before Laura and Scott came down the aisle.


These two were so adorable – laughing and tearing up – as Stephen officiated the ceremony. They also added in a part of the ceremony where they look at each other’s hands as Stephen talked about these being the hands of their best friend, the one that will wipe your tears of sorrow and tears of joy, a tender touch you when you need to be loved and hands that will wrinkle and age but still reach out for yours as time passes. SO SWEET! (No, Karen doesn’t cry during ceremonies but Jess does. Luckily, she was at the back of the ceremony!)


After the ceremony, we were able to run around the property of the Mill and get some amazing images of the newlyweds and their wedding party!

2016-06-07_0011The reception was so pretty with pops of blue on the tables along with candles and lanterns from Twigs & Twine Floral Design.


Hog Wild catered a chicken & BBQ dinner. It was so delicious!


The cake, adorned with blue hydrangea and baby’s breath, was beautiful and YUMMY! My Local Bakery in Morganton, NC, did a great job!


The party started with the Cupid Shuffle and continued in the IP photobooth!


Mr. & Mrs. Byland exited at sunset through a parade of sparklers! A perfect ending to a perfect day!!


Congratulations to Laura & Jordan! We were honored to be a part of your special day. It was hard to narrow down to these few images, so we’re counting down to sharing all of them with you in a few weeks!

We enjoyed working with these vendors!

Venue: Laboratory Mill

Bride’s gown: Concord Wedding Center

Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

Officiant: Stephen Jones

Caterer: Hog Wild

Cake: My Local Bakery

Flowers: Twigs & Twine Floral Design

Photographer: Irresistible Portraits

Photobooth: Irresistible Portraits


Whitley Family hosts May wedding at Boxwood Estates – NC Wedding Photographer

May 14th, 2016 – what a beautiful day it was for a wedding! It could not have been more perfect for Alexandra and Greyson. From a photographer’s point of view, it was flawless. Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, incredible venue and skies filled with clouds and bits of sunshine throughout the day.


How cool was it for our friend Hope Whitley to be helping her very own daughter into her wedding dress. Owning Hope’s Bridal Boutique, she has done this for so many beautiful brides!!!











Check out how beautiful Alexandra is!








This was definitely a wedding we were looking forward to because of all the awesome people involved. Knowing most of the bridesmaids made it so much fun. Few crazies in there too! (wink) Love the ladies!!


There are so many special moments on a wedding day. The first look always one of those. It is a time before the ceremony that a bride and groom can come together and see each other in a quiet, intimate moment. Just enjoy each other. What an awesome moment indeed.  Soooo sweet!


Alexandra and Greyson both had special wedding gifts for each other. Greyson was so excited to give Ali hers! Good job on the diamond necklace, Greyson!


The guys are usually crazy and fun to wrangle. These guys were no exception! Check out these sharp dressed men.


One of the best parts of any wedding is celebrating with family! I have known the Whitley family for many years. There is nothing more satisfying than to photograph for friends and family! Being a photographer for almost thirty years, I have had the honor of photographing so many families that have turned into friends. So glad to have been asked to photograph for such a special occasion for David and Hope Whitley!


I have also photographed for the Medley family. Extra special stuff!


You know that moment when you see your daughter in her wedding dress for the first time…yup, pretty awesome!


Capturing moments like this make my heart happy. Trying to find dad’s serious side is not always easy, especially when he is not a serious guy!


Thanking the Lord for absolute perfect weather!


See the white fluffy clouds? Be still my heart, says the photographer in me!


Throw in a vintage car with the coolest wedding party ever and, well, that is all you need.


Every once in a while you find that couple that will do anything. Alexandra and Greyson were all about this pose!


When you get to work with the best vendors in the industry, you can’t complain. The flowers were incredible! Poppies Floral did a beautiful job. JP from Varsity killed it with the food and the cake! PB&J were lovely to serve the many guests.


As always, Too Much Sylvia had no trouble getting people on the dance floor!


Nothing like a bridesmaid that will throw out a rap song just for the bride and groom! Go Krysta!


By looking at these images, you can surely tell that everyone had an awesome fun time at this wedding. I know I did! After 27 years of being a photographer, I was in the midst of lots of friends and clients I have photographed over the years. There were lots of old folks (my age) on the dance floor cutting up!!! So much fun.  David and Hope sure know how to throw an awesome party!!


Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to Mr. & Mrs. Medley!


Love to all,




Venue: Boxwood Estate

Dresses: Hope’s Bridal Boutique

Hair/Makeup: Angela Rabon

Catering: Varsity BBQ, Kannapolis

Servers: PB&J Catering

Cake: Party House

Flowers & Decor: Poppie’s Floral Design

Planning/Directing: Lynn Neal of Hotel Concord

Entertainment: Too Much Sylvia

Tenting: Venue Services

Photobooth: Irresistible Portraits

Photography: Irresistible Portraits


NC Photographer Photographs Wedding of Lifelong Client

It’s an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding, in general. But when it comes to a lifelong client, I couldn’t imagine anything different. I’d be heartbroken to not be a part of this special day for the Kopelic family. I’ve been photographing Stephanie & Sydney since they were tiny! Actually, I loved photographing the girls getting ready at their home because I could see all my work over the years that Beverly & Steve will cherish forever! Dance portraits, garden portraits, senior portraits, and now bridal, engagement and wedding day portraits!


The ceremony took place at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Concord, NC. This is one of my all-time favorite churches! It’s stunning! I love all the details of the building; it’s a photographer’s dream.


Stephanie kept her dress as a surprise from the bridesmaids during wedding planning, so the reveal was so much fun! The girls fell in love with the dress – the color, the details, everything! It was definitely the perfect choice for Stephanie. She looked fabulous and the faces of the girls were priceless!


Most people only know “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue” but the old English rhyme actually ends with “A Sixpence in your Shoe.” Steve, Stephanie’s dad, gave Stephanie a sixpence and placed it in the middle of her shoe to wear all day! This specific sixpence was dated 1906, even before Stephanie’s grandparents were born. (Can you tell we love the small details of the day?!)


Stephanie also adorned her gorgeous bouquet by Lily Greenthumbs with a wedding band that belonged to a late great-great-grandparent. The bouquets were stunning!


The girls were fun and sassy! The guys… Let’s just say they were full of themselves! I think they enjoyed being in front of the camera! We chose the calm images to share, but there are some entertaining ones, for sure!


Steve walked his gorgeous daughter down the aisle into this grand church, where he gave her away to Tyler!


Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Englerth!



The reception was held at Cabarrus Country Club. Lily Greenthumbs had gorgeous centerpieces there to set the tone of a beautiful sit down dinner!


Abigail’s A Cake Affair did a fabulous job on the cake! It was beautiful AND delicious! The intricate details on the 2nd and 4th layers were unbelievable. And you know I love a pretty serving set – “I do” & “Me Too” forks with a monogrammed server! Makes me happy!


Virtual Sounds did a GREAT job of keeping the party going all night long! This huge dance floor comes in handy when you have a fun bunch of guests like they had!


IP also rocked a photobooth during the reception at Cabarrus Country Club. See the album on facebook here.

To Stephanie & Tyler, thanks for letting us capture the details of your big day! We look forward to photographing Baby Englerths in the future!🙂



NC photographer captures Gatsby themed New Year’s Eve Wedding on Wilmington Riverfront


There is nothing more fun than photographing a wedding in a cool place with beautiful, crazy people that are ready to have a good time and celebrate the most amazing bride and groom! Well, that is exactly what we were blessed with on our New Year’s Eve wedding! Bethany and Austin’s wedding was so much fun. Besides the fact that we have known Austin’s family for a long time and consider them family! Of course it didn’t take us long to fall in love with Bethany and her fun, crazy family!


Our day started at the Historic Hotel Tarrymore in Wilmington just a few blocks off the waterfront with Bethany and her very beautiful bridesmaids (All Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders! I told you… Beautiful!)


So many sentimental touches to this wedding day. Bethany had the honor of wearing her mother in law’s veil from her wedding 35 years ago. I know this meant so much to Austin’s mom, Donna. Austin’s parents, Steve and Donna, absolutely adore Bethany. How could they not? She is one of the sweetest people ever!




The streets of Wilmington made such a great background for our short walk to the waterfront. Yes, of course, these beauties did turn a few heads on the way!


Absolutely can’t forget the flower girl… Bethany’s niece. She’s a real cutie and such a good girl!


Nothing like a little bit of help from Bethany’s crazy, fun bridesmaids…



The boys were a little bit of fun too! (wink)


The “first look” is a special time before the ceremony when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. This gives us a chance to do all (or most) of their photography before the ceremony. Sometimes this can help us give more variety to the bride and groom with different lighting situations throughout the day. As a mentor of ours says, “30 minutes of good light is better than 4 hours of not so great light.”

This is always totally up to the bride and groom! This moment can be emotional and we capture more raw emotions when it’s in private but we understand our traditional couples that want to save the first sight of their future other half for the moment she walks down the aisle.

We always get amazing images of our first looks and Bethany & Austin’s was very special. Check out these faces.


And then the sun set…


The ceremony was so beautiful and intimate at The RiverRoom Events on the Wilmington waterfront.


Can you see why we had so much fun with this totally awesome wedding party?


So much time and effort go into every little detail with weddings.


It is always so cool to look at the images we create and see the pure love and joy that shines through. Look at this bit of love!


The reception was a blast!


And a New Year’s toast to the happy couple…



Congratulations to this amazing couple!


Venue: The RiverRoom Events

Photographer: Irresistible Portraits

Tuxedos: J Crew

Entertainment: DJ Wilmington

Videographer: Tear Drop Design

Caterer: Middle of the Island Catering

Cake: Whole Foods

Top Ten Reasons for IP to photograph your wedding!

10) We actually use a light meter… which means you will really see detail in your wedding dress.

9) Getting a good deal doesn’t always mean you get a good deal!

8) We do not consider the pop up flash to be our main lighting source.

7) We received no training from Uncle Bob.

6) Price is not everything, but quality is!

5) Getting a CD is not all you need to remember your wedding.

4) Having no regrets about your wedding photography is worth more than getting a good deal.

3) We take pride in our quality and customer service.

2) Karen is a certified master craftsman photographer… simply put, professionalism and a whole lot more than that!

1) We made the cover of Carolina Bride magazine! Whoo hoo!!

33niblock_8172 copybride & groom photoboothyUntitled-1

NC wedding photographer captures southern elegance at it’s finest!

We knew where we would be whenever Miss Sarah Hubbard was to marry her forever beau. Knowing we would be right by her side, photographing her beautiful day. We have photographed Sarah’s family for a very long time. Sarah also was a part of the IP team for a few years! We also knew that whatever Sarah and her mom designed for her day, would be nothing short of incredible.

Well, in one word… Elegant! Everything was so beautiful! Blacks, golds, sleek white couches and beautiful decorations.Hubbard-Earnhardt_7917(1) copy2Sarah and Danny Earnhardt Jr. could not have asked for a more beautiful day! Trinity United Methodist was the perfect background for the ceremony.Hubbard-Earnhardt_4492 copyEverything about this wedding said family! Two amazing families coming together! The wedding party was full of brothers,sisters,cousins, BFF’s, and really tight, close people! Everybody was related to everybody. We have to say Sarah and Danny Jr. had two of the cutest little flower girls ever!Hubbard-Earnhardt_4081(1) copy3Hubbard-Earnhardt_4060(1) copy4567The Moment Sarah saw her dad the tears began to flow. Needless to say she is a daddy’s girl! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! Sarah and her family are very close.8Hubbard-Earnhardt_7414(1) copyredo.jpg10Cousins!!!11Now, the ladies in the bridal party were a bunch of awesome, crazy, cool girls. The best kind of girls, the ones that like to joke around and have fun. Lots of laughter and craziness! My kinda girls for sure.13Jordan decide to jump in on all the fun! Most times when I tell someone to lay down in front, no one takes me up on it. Way to go Jordan! You rock! Thanks for all your help at the wedding.12See how beautiful… 14161517Love the sunshine GOD gave us on that day!18If you haven’t heard of the Hubbard family, I am sure you have heard of the Earnhardt family! Icons in the Nascar community.

Presenting Danny Earnhardt Jr. and his groomsmen! They were all pretty cool guys. Love the crazy sock action.1920Sharp dressed men!21To me, Earnhardt translates to family! They are all about family and making each moment count! The best part of the wedding day was being able to watch all the LOVE unfold and being able to capture those amazing moments. We just love them!2223Love us some Martha Earnhardt…242526We even got a peek of Sarah and Danny Jr. together before the wedding!!!2728There was a packed house for Sarah and Danny Jr’s ceremony. Sarah’s dad Kirk is pretty cool. He just likes to have fun and there was plenty of joking around the night of rehearsal. Friday night he chest bumped with the groom. Kirk was instructed to be on his best behavior the day of the wedding. Deep down I was hoping Kirk would act up! (You know just for the photograph). He did behave… Kirk put a bullet in Danny Jr’s hand when he reached the end of the isle.29bulletWhat I love the most about Sarah is her bubbly, crazy personality! Just take a look at her and all her cuteness!30The little people in the wedding were so cute! Cute and awesome!3132The sand ceremony…33.jpgLove Sarah’s cute faces… she loves that man!3435Miranda hard at work!36We are family!!!37The bride and groom were chauffeured by Mr. Buddy Goforth in an amazing 57 Chevrolet! I know… it was so cool!383940The 57 pulled right up to the front door of The City Club! One of our favorite venues. It was so beautiful.43The incredible food was prepared by The Varsity! It was delicious. Oh, the deserts rocked too!

deserts.jpg44Needless to say, everyone had a really good time dancing and celebrating. Virtual Sounds did an amazing job keeping everyone on the dance floor!

IP set up our photo booth and we all had a ball. Miranda worked her magic!photo boothSo it seems as though Sarah and Danny Jr’s wedding was one of the best weddings ever!last photo.jpgBlessings and God’s favor you both Mr. and Mrs. Danny Earnhardt Jr.

We love y’all!