Charlotte Photographer Photographs Children and Bunnies together for Easter.

Each year Karen adds a few new pets to our studio during the month of April. The bunnies joined us once again this year,  for a week filled with giggles and laughs. Every year we receive a different batch of bunnies. This year was no different.

The bunnies were friskier than ever.They enjoyed hopping around and being mischievous.   Karen took the opportunity to design several new Easter sets to use. We photographed 30 families for bunny portraits!

We wanted to share the bunnies, the beautiful children in their new Easter clothing and Karen’s unique new Easter sets! Enjoy!

Hey that bunny tickles!

Our beautiful portrait garden.

Hum? Am I supposed to pet this or what?

Bunny Love

Barrington is styling in his new Easter suit!

Cassidy, Troy and Will loved the bunnies


Karen will have her new Easter sets up the entire month of April. Make sure to take advantage of these sets and our other Easter offers through out the month of April!!


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