Charlotte Photographer Captures Bar Mitzvah Moments

Recently,  Karen and Lindsay traveled to Temple Bethel to photograph the Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Wicker and Jacob Cohen.  A Bar Mitzah is for one who is responsible for observing the commandments. For boys, this occurs at age 13.  To study for their bar mitzvah the boys began weekly tutoring six months prior to their date. Hebrew school, however begins weekly in third grade. The bar mitzvah student leads the congregation in prayers and readings.  He also reads a portion of the Torah (old testament) in Hebrew. The reading is usually 22 verses. What an incredible accomplishment!

On May 5th 2011 Karen and Lindsay photographed this double Bar Mitzah. This is the third Bar Mitzah that Karen has photographed for the Wicker Family. She is always honored to capture images of this historic ceremony for the boys. The ceremony consists of the young man reading from the Torah. The torah is the first five books of the Old Testament. Then the young man gives thanks to his family. His family then joins him to break bread and drink wine.

We really enjoyed the Cohen family. Jake is an awesome young man! He did a really good job.

Group Hug with Grand Dad!

The Wicker Family.  Karen has photographed Daniel, Matthew and Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah’s. Next will be their weddings!! Hopefully it will be awhile! LOL

Karen and Lindsay hard at work.

Following the ceremony the families traveled to the Speedway Club, where the children were joined by friends and extended family to celebrate their success. The speedway club was adorned in NASCAR Memorabilia. Everyone arrived and awaited the formal entrance of Jake and Jacob. Once the boys made their grand entrance everyone was ready to celebrate.

Beautiful decorations at the Speedway Club! Provided by Diana Ades of Confetti Creations,

Congratulations on your accomplishment’s Jake and Jacob.

All of Jake and Jacob’s friends sat in the seats above Charlotte Motorspeedway for a quick photo at the end of the party! That’s a lot of kids!

Who’s going to win?

Love the balloon shoes!

The decorations were amazing!

The boys even had there own personalized race cars.

The Electric Slide!!


Then the fun began. There were racing video games, a DJ, an RC track and a photo booth where you could have your portrait taken with Daytona 500 Winner Trevor Bayne. As you can see Karen and Lindsey got in on the fun. Everyone enjoyed a meal as they celebrated this momentous occasion.

Thank you to Suzanna Fox-Wicker and Elizabeth Cohen for allowing us to celebrate this very special event with you. We had such a great time and cannot wait for you to see the images we created from this awesome day!



Videography provided by Rick Kaplan of Carolina Video Productions.


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