Charlotte Photographer teaches Four Day seminar at Winona School of Photography in Indiana

Karen has been extremely busy this summer.  Last week, Karen traveled to Indiana to teach a four day seminar  on child photography and marketing.

She met many new friends and had a wonderful time. She came back to Irresistible Portraits excited and on fire for photography. She gathered many new ideas for up coming promotions, photography sessions and so much more.

We wanted to share a few testimonies from Karen’s students who really enjoyed her class, and learned some stuff too!

What an event. Karen, you rocked it. Your energy level is contagious. Totally wore me out on the shoot day. Playing catch up, but can’t wait to get back to the Winona images…a new profile picture is hiding in there for me…thanks to Karen & Bridgette. I had 11 pages of notes when all was said and done. Used a Karen trick today…it’s called “contagious energy”. I got really excited when telling a potential customer about how a potential senior portrait session goes. Thanks everyone for sharing.

-Terry Eberly

Wow what a week I had!! Thanks everyone for sharing and THANK YOU Karen Goforth for a great time. I am definitely wore out.

Bridgette Harmon-Smith

Thanks Karen for your time you put in to the class and for covering as much as we could possibly go through. 🙂

-Deb Crussel

I had such a great time and love making new friends with all of you!! Can’t wait to build upon the great stuff Karen put on fire for us and see where the future takes us all 🙂

-Kari Smith

What an amazing class!   We wanted to share some of Karen’s favorite images from her six sessions of photography!! Enjoy!

[cincopa AcOA4qqeilFD]

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone at the Winnona School!!  Karen received the nicest Thank You note!! She had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back!!


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  1. Karen,
    OM Goodness…. I love all these, especially the one of me doing the light meter and Jeff’s new hair 🙂
    Too Much Fun,
    Miss you Girl!


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