Children and Family Portrait Photographer Welcomes New Addition

We have had a very busy and exciting summer at Irresistible Portraits.We are most excited about a new addition to our IP photography team. Karen recently had the pleasure of working with Lindsay McManus, an intern from Randolph Community College. Lindsay arrived with vigor and passion for the photographic craft.  With that being said, Karen and Lindsay had instant chemistry. 

 After only four weeks of internship, she decided to continue her second internship at Irresistible Portraits.  Then Karen announced that Lindsay would be joining us after her graduation in July. Everyone was thrilled, we had all grown to love Lindsay.

 Lindsay will continue to assist Karen during photography sessions. She will also take on the roll of our associate photographer, when Karen is away.

We wanted to share some great candid images of Lindsay hard at work!!! She has assisted Karen in all of her busy summer sessions, traveled with her to Kiawah Island, photographed on Memorial Day and much more. She is always there when we need her.


Here are some of Lindsay’s images that she has photographed during her internship at IP.

July 18th-25th, Karen and Buddy will be traveling to Mexico on a mission trip with North Kannapolis United Methodist Church. While Karen is away, Lindsay will be photographing on Tuesday, July 19th from 3-8pm, Thursday, July 21st and Friday, July 22nd. With a $25 donation to Focused on a Cure, you will receive a 30 minute session with Lindsay.  Sessions are limited, so call today to reserve the best time for you and your family!


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  1. Welcome to IP Lindsay. We are glad to add you to the family!!

    Misty 🙂


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