Charlotte Family Photographer Recieves Special Note from Special Family

One of the greatest joys at IP is watching our families grow through the years. Being allowed to create images is even more special not just to us, but to the families as well. The Sapp family has allowed us to grow with them and recently came to view their youngest, Madelyn’s one year portraits. After seeing them we were delighted to see mom, Tricia’s, post on Facebook:

“I just want to say that your work never ceases to amaze me! Madelyn’s portraits were gorgeous and uniquely her! Shannon and I were talking about what a wonderful job you have done capturing all three of our children through the years. Every picture has been unique and there is always at least one guaranteed to make my breath catch! Can those beautiful children really be mine? Thank you again and we will look forward to our next adventure…a Sapp family portrait! Always a pleasure!!”

Thanks so much Tricia, this is what makes it all worth while!

Here are a few images of her beautiful children over the years:

Thanks again for allowing us to photograph your family! We cannot wait to capture more family fun!


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