Charlotte Photographer Announces New Products for 2012

We are so excited for all of the new and exciting things planned for 2012! Some of which include awesome new products! We couldn’t wait to share these sneak peeks with you!

Image Blocks are SO fabulous! This system allows you to chose either one image or multiple image blocks arranged as a collage floating on top of the base. The image blocks are soft, satin-based photographic prints wrapped around a wooden base which gives a contemporary look. The best part about this new type of print is that the blocks are interchangeable, which means you can easily remove the floating blocks to create a new look or update the images. There are 11 different single block sizes and 16 different collage options! These are just too awesome!

We introduced slim wraps in our February email, but check them out again! Slim wraps are extremely similar to our gallery wraps, but are mounted on a foam board instead of a wooden base. They are a more up-to-date look that are also less expensive than the gallery wraps! Ranging from 8×10 to 16×24, slim wraps are a current look that we know you will love! Also, don’t forget, we are offering 20% off on slim wraps during the month of February! Your perfect opportunity to get this hot new product at an incredible price!

The iPhone Case has landed at IP!! This has to be one of our favorite new items! The iPhone case is available for the iPhone 4 and 4s and can even be designed with one image or as a collage! Who doesn’t want another place to show off their family?!

Introducing our newest album, the Legend! This album is absolutely stunning, with full images from cover to cover! Perfect for engagement, bridal and weddings, the Legend offers a new twist on albums. Let our fabulous design team custom design your story through photography.

There are a number of options for album size, check out a few below:

4×10 Legend Album:

The 8×20 Legend Album:

The new albums are extra exciting to us because we are introducing entirely new wedding collections here at IP! From new investments to new products, don’t skip IP when looking for your wedding photographer, you can’t beat what we bring to the table! Stay tuned for even more new products and events in 2012, this is going to be a great year!


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