Daufuskie Island offers perfect setting for quaint southern wedding!

When Carrie Bordeaux and Jarrett DiMarzio decided they wanted Irresistible Portraits to photograph their destination wedding, we were so excited we could hardly stand it!  All we could think of was beautiful old trees with moss hanging off of them, the wedding on the lawn of the light house overlooking the ocean and photographing all the beauty the island has to offer!

The entire weekend was such a fun time.  We got to hang out with really cool people, ride around in golf carts, play golf and enjoy good food all while doing what we LOVE…photographing people in love! If you have never been to Daufuskie Island it is an island full of southern culture and people with BIG hearts that love the land!

One of the most special moments of the day was when Carrie and Jarrett came together to holds hands before the ceremony.  All of course without seeing each other. We knew exactly where this special moment would take place. There was a rustic old building with the perfect old wooden door with too much character.  As you can see it was pretty awesome!

Carrie was so excited to have her family and closest friends to join her on the most fabulous day ever! Both her daughters were right by her side. It was so cool to see Morgan and Meredith walk her in to meet Jarrett at the alter.


The wedding party had no problem getting a little sassy and ready to strike a pose!

The ceremony was so beautiful! It all took place on the lawn of the old light house overlooking the ocean. Yes we know, it was photographer’s dream! Carrie’s niece Kennedy and nephew Caden were the perfect little flower girl and ring bearer. Jarrett decided that they were all becoming a family and he wanted to have the girls take part in the sand ceremony.  It was plain to see throughout the day how much Morgan and Meredith love Jarrett.


You did not have to look far to find a great place to photograph the wedding party. The moss covered old tress made an awesome background!

We really enjoyed the reception at the Haig Pointe country club! There was plenty of REALLY great food and entertainment. There was a table full of awesome Italian cookies made by all of Jarrett’s family. This is a tradition that has been in the family for years! Each of the guests were invited to carry home a box of the scrumptious cookies! Of course we had to try them out too.

We had so much fun being part of such a wonderful union. Both families were so great to work with. Now they are one big happy family! Best of luck and best wishes to Carrie, Jarrett and the girls!


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