North Carolina Wedding Photographer creates images in the beautiful town of “Faith!”

When we first met Emily and Levi we knew that they would be a lot of fun because they are just great down to earth people. Their engagement session was a bunch of smiles, hugs and snuggles all the while Levi was wearing his favorite ball cap!

October 6th, 2012 was no different, except for the ball cap of course!  We believe that this was absolutely the BEST day of their life! Facebook statuses stated that Emily and Levi were marrying their best friends! Love it! Check below and see the smiles and snuggles!

Details, details, details…

Whenever you say Faith Lutheran Church the first thing you think of are the RED doors!  They are fun to photograph with!

The ladies were too much fun to play with and there was never a dull  moment!  These beautiful ladies were always ready to strike a pose!

Levi and the guys were just as easy going and fun! We just love it when we get to work with super stars!!!!

A group of handsome young men and just  a few jokesters in the group…hee hee!

The reception was breath taking.  We did not expect anything less from Chelish Moore Flowers. All the flowers and decorations were simply amazing.

The reception was such a blast! We knew it would be before we even got there.  Split Second Sound was the dj and entertainment for the evening. They never disappoint! Erin Brown Rocks!!!

We would like to say thank you so much Emily and Levi for choosing Irresistible Portraits to create your special memories of the most important day of your life! We are so honored! Best wishes for a long happy married life!!!


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