N.C. Portrait Photographer Celebrates Grand Lady Turning 106

On October 28th, I had the great pleasure and honor of photographing one of the most beautiful human beings ever, Mrs. Fannie Gaither!

My good friend Courtney called me and asked me if I could photograph her grandma. They were having a birthday party for her grandma and she was turning 106 years old. Yes! That is right… 106 years young as we saw it! She was so sweet and so beautiful! All she did was smile the entire time. Since the family was gathered on this day to celebrate, there were special portraits that the family wanted for sure.

Some of our favorites were Courtney and her daughter Payton with Grandma. Look at those smiles!!

Look at these beautiful ladies! Courtney, her daughter Payton, her mom, sister, and Grandma!

We really enjoyed meeting such a happy, pleasant lady! When I think about my grandma and all the lessons and great wisdom she shared, I know that Mrs. Fannie is a blessing to her family!  Lots of love was overflowing!

Family faces are like magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.

Love on your family every day, folks! Be blessed! ~Karen



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