Good Times Roll at the PPNC Convention!

Every year when March rolls around we get really excited! It is one of our favorite times of the year because the Professional Photographers of North Carolina hold their annual state convention in Raleigh!

Convention means educational classes, hanging out with our buddies, a Saturday night party, a wonderful trade show, and much, much more!

For the past ten years, our team has been in charge of creating the set and photographing members at the party. Members and friends can then purchase 5x7s from the event to benefit the PPNC Scholarship Fund.

This year’s party theme was “The Yellow Brick Road”, with the Band of Oz performing and lots of hilarious posing in front of the yellow brick road mural (created by our very own artist Megan Olson)!

Karen was very entertaining as the Wicked Witch!

Print competition is always a crazy, nerve-wracking time for photographers. We put what we think are our best images out there to be judged to see how good we really are! Sometimes the results bring joy! Sometimes not so much…

However, once again, Irresistible Portraits fared pretty well in this year’s competition. Karen won awards in three different categories!

For the third straight year, Karen won first place for a wedding album.

“Nick and Anna”

Karen also won 2nd place for a wedding candid.

“In the Spotlight for a Day”

Karen also won 3rd place in portrait of a woman.


Our friends at the NorthEast Foundation sent Karen this sweet congratulations note when she returned!

Just further confirmation that Karen Goforth is AWESOME!

If you’d like to experience a little of Karen’s awesomeness, give us a call at the studio! 704-933-5600. Karen will make you feel like a star at your portrait  session! Maybe next year an image of YOU will win an award!



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