A ROOF With a View/ Perfect Venue for a Unique, Nostalgic Wedding!

October 18th was the perfect day for two lovelies to commit themselves to each other in marriage. Cassiday, of The Drex and Maney Morning Show on Kiss 95.1,  and her handsome beau Jerry planned a special wedding to share with their family and friends!

Our day started at Lineage Bridal Salon where Cass and the girls got ready. It is such an awesome vintage place!

Cassiday is such a cool lady- not your average bear! Check out her wedding shoes! The bridal salon lent itself to a fabulous background!Love the bridesmaids dresses! Look at this collection of beauties!

Cass was thrilled when her grandmother from Kansas arrived! She was so excited to show her that a locket of her granddad had been added to her bouquet. It was a very touching moment for them!

Jerry’s cute little niece Audrey served as the flower girl. As adorable as she is, she just about stole the show! A very special detail to this wedding… Cassiday’s brother Cody was her maid of honor! 
Since Cassiday’s brother stood up for her, it was only fitting that Jerry’s sister was his “best person”!Cass and Jerry chose to have a first look on the day of the wedding. These moments tend to be very special!

You know when you see two people and think to yourself, “Wow, they are just meant for each other!”? That is what we say about Cassiday and Jerry!  They had super sweet vows to each other declaring their love and commitment. So glad we were there to photograph something so special!

The venue, Roof With a View, was perfect with the great city of Charlotte as our background!

One really fun part of the day was when the ring bearer walked down the aisle. It was Chubbs, the Charlotte Checkers’ mascot! How fun was that?!
The wedding party was great fun and a real hoot to work with! We love it when that happens!!

Talk about attention to details! Family friends came down from New York and decorated the entire reception.Love the greys and yellows together and all of the sentimental family items!
At the reception, guests were treated to a wonderful meal by Bouk Catering and a smattering of sweet temptations by As Sweet As Possible Designs!
Well, you see, the Cappello’s are from New York and the Proctors are from Kansas City- so it was no surprise that Jerry’s cake was adorned with the Boston Red Sox! Cassiday’s cake was just as fun- sporting Pee-wee Herman on a scooter! Each cake made its own unique statement!We wish Mr. and Mrs. Cappello a lifetime of happiness!


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