NC Wedding Photographer Captures Josh and Leigha’s Hometown Wedding

On Saturday, October 19, it was all about family! The Thompsons and the McLaurins became one great BIG family! We were right there in the middle of it- feeling like part of this great adventure!

We started the day at Leigha’s mom & dad’s house with the girls getting ready. Lots of laughing and carrying on took place!

The ladies we sooo much fun to work with- can’t you tell?When we say it’s all about family, we are not kidding! Leigha and Josh both come from very tight-knit clans!Leigha is very much a daddy’s girl!We were so excited to head to downtown Mooresville- such a great place to photograph!The ladies continued to have a great, fun spirit! The groomsmen were ready to have some fun as well! What a great group!Everywhere we went, people knew Josh and his family. People were honking their horns to give a holla!Everybody loves Josh! How could you not love this guy?Josh’s dad was his best man. I told you it was all about family!We love this happy couple-  Mr. & Mrs. McLaurin!


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