N.C. Portrait Photographer Introduces Young Portrait Photography Team

We couldn’t be more proud of our very own Sarah and Miranda! They are a young portrait photography team who ROCK! All of their time training under Karen has definitely paid off! She has coached them into the fine artists they are becoming!  We see glimpses of Karen’s signature in their work, as well as a fresh spin on things. We are loving how their own style and Pinterest-inspired ideas shine through! Take a peek at some of their recent work:

Cooper,  an energetic 12 month old!

Expressive Rachel!

Case, a very happy 17 month old!

The just-expanded Cook family, featuring Anisten, 4, and Lainey, 1 month!

Cute Couple Lauren and Dallas!

Super Cuddly Max, 13 months!

Sophisticated Senior Courtney!

Sweet Abby, 12!

We think that Sarah and Miranda are quite the portrait team extraordinaire! Karen has taught them well! Your next chance to be photographed by Sarah and Miranda is Monday, February 17th for our President’s Day Minis! Call today to schedule your 30-minute mini for just $45 and receive 25% off all prints! 704-933-5600.


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