Little Girl Grows Up/ N.C. Wedding Photographer

It is always such an honor to photograph personal friends! I have watched Miss Kashea and her three sisters grow up since they were just little girls! Camping trips, beach trips, the annual Christmas party at the Goforth’s, senior mentor project, going through college, and much more!

Kashea & Edward were married on April 18, 2014 in a beautiful, intimate ceremony at The Loft at 14th ( in downtown Concord, NC. The day seemed perfect! The overcast skies gave us beautiful light to create images all over town!

We started photographing Kashea and the girls at Shades of Blue Salon & Spa ( ladies were a lot of fun! They were up for anything!Look at this handsome bunch of men!Kashea is smitten with her groom- and it didn’t take long for her friends and family to realize what a perfect match she and Edward really were! The couple decided on a first look before their ceremony. We loved capturing the expressions and tears of this special moment!Kashea and Edward’s closest friends made up the wedding party. It is always so awesome to have all your favorite people around you at this amazing time!A friend of Kashea and Edward was the officiating minister!Kashea’s mom, Mary, and other family and friends did every bit of the decorating! I would say they did a great job! The reception was such a fun time! Kashea and Edward’s guests had a blast celebrating!We were so glad to be part of this awesome day! We wish nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nelson!

Love y’all! ~Karen~



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  5. Barbara Roberts May 17, 2014 — 11:34 am

    Beautiful wedding!
    Beautiful couple!


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