My Personal Project…/N.C. Pet Photographer

As portrait artists, we are always trying to find new ways to push our creativity!

They say when you pursue a personal project, that you should find something near and dear to your heart. Well, other than God and my husband, my dog Hank is a very important part of my life!I know lots of folks who consider their dogs as their children, family, or best friend!

So, I decided to name my personal project “My Dog, My FRIEND”! I am asking people to send me a short story about why their dog is such a special friend. I have found that many of these 4-legged friends have some very sweet stories!

We are hearing stories of loyalty, companionship, determination, and mostly love. We have received a story about a new dog friend filling a void from a previous pet, and a story about a dog friend giving companionship during cancer treatments.

I am excited to say that we have been receiving so many awesome stories so far about these beautiful fur babies! One Vizsla with big, floppy ears, one Dalmatian with lots of spots, one King Charles spaniel, one golden retriever, a black lab pup (who is best friends with a super cute 2 year old), and many more!

My goal is to have 12-15 beautiful portrait stories to display at our gallery showing in July.This is our very first portrait story image that has been created to be in the exhibit! We will be inviting all of our furry friends to join us in our portrait garden on gallery showing day!

This is so exciting! Send on the stories to! ~Karen

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles M. Schulz


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