Southern, Elegant Wedding with Garden Reception/ N.C. Wedding Photographer

September 20, 2014 was a day to remember. It was absolutely perfect. The weather was gorgeous! The sun was shining and a there were a few fluffy clouds in the sky. Ginny and Jeff could not have chosen a better day to say “I Do”!From the day Ginny and her mom came to talk to us about her wedding day, we were beside ourselves with excitement. Beautiful people, awesome church, very cool nostalgic fellowship house to create images in (yes, this does excite me!), and a garden reception with every little detail put in place to say “awesome”!Hanging out with the ladies at Ginny’s mom’s and dad’s house was so much fun. Listening to the ladies talk about their friendships and good times they have had was pretty cool. What I really loved was that their doggies were right there in the middle of it all! You know how I love the fur babies!Using every bit of the fellowship house was easy to do. Everywhere you look, there is an opportunity to photograph.The girls were so easy to work with and the guys weren’t too shabby, either! I like it when the wedding party is happy to do anything you ask!A private time for Ginny and Jeff to have their first touch behind a door was such a special moment! Yes, between the bride and her bridesmaids, there were definitely tears! You know that something is real when your hair stands up on your arms and you get goose bumps!When the doors opened to the church, Ginny was stunning! During the ceremony the bride and groom just could not stop smiling at each other. I love it when true love is found!Introducing the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Moore!The most awesome kiss ever!Off to the reception. Using all the best vendors=perfection! The cake and all the dessert goodies were done by none other than the amazing Icing on the Edge ( The beautiful flowers were created by Poppies Floral Design ( course, the reception was a blast. Ginny’s dad cleverly created a dance floor right on top of the pool so everyone danced away!

So excited for Mr. & Mrs. Moore to see their amazing day brought back to life! Wishes for a happy, blessed life together! ~Karen



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