Two Fun and Spontaneous People Meet and Find Crazy Love!

If you know Sydney and her beau Tim, you know they are so crazy and fun and perfectly fit for each other! No matter what they are doing, they are always laughing and having a great time. Just take a look at their engagement images!stikeleather_3223(1) copyWe have been photographing Sydney and her family for a very long time. We know “they are crazy”! Every year when they come for their Christmas card session, we never know what they will have up their sleeves. Well, after meeting Tim…he will fit right in with Sydney’s family!!! He’s crazy, too! You know we love CRAZY!!!stikeleather_3282(1)We started our session at Krispy Kreme! Why? Well, because they love them some Krispy Kreme! (Don’t we all?). We didn’t make too much of a scene! Haha!stikeleather_3096(1) copy

stikeleather_3102(1) copy


stikeleather_3161(1) copyWe did have a really great time photographing all over town. Of course, Tim and Sydney were up for anything! We just love them!!!

stikeleather_3168(1) copy

stikeleather_3226(1) copy

3 horz copy

We braved the cold for the sake of love and we are so tickled with the images we created! We ended our session at their next favorite place, Starbucks!!!!  That is where these two lovebirds met. stikeleather_3299(1) copyWe cannot wait until their wedding day! June 5th 2015, is going to be one FUN, amazing day!!!stikeleather_3264(1) copy

3263 (1)


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