N.C. Pet Photographer Hosts “Fur Family” Event to Benefit Foundation for Pups/Cats in Need!

March 14th was such a fun day here at Irresistible Portraits! It was a full day of my favorite kind of friends- four-legged babies!!

We celebrated your “Fur Family” as a fundraiser for our friends at The Splashpaw Foundation. They are such a great organization! The Splashpaw Foundation was founded to assist and improve the research, treatment, and care of children and pets in our community, most specifically those dealing with cancer. They hope to provide for others that cannot necessarily afford adequate treatment or care. This can include helping with the cost of treatment, medication, or research or helping a child or pet be more  comfortable while they are battling this terrible disease. All donations stay within our local community, Cabarrus and Rowan counties. 02 copy 01 copy    We invited folks to bring their “other children” in to be photographed by themselves or with their family. We know that our pets are our children, too! We tried to make every image completely different to let the babies show their true personalities.03 copy 04 copyWe could not have had such a great turnout without our awesome friends at Cabarrus Animal Hospital! They sponsored this great event. They gave out some nice goodies and donated some pretty amazing raffle baskets!05 copy 06 copyThank you to The Splashpaw Foundation for doing all you do to help folks in need care for their pets. Our four-legged children are near and dear to our hearts and sometimes you just need a little help! We are happy to announce that we donated $1,800 to this awesome cause! If you don’t know about them, check ’em out!07 copy 08 copyThank you to everyone that helped out in this fundraising event. Thank you to Ginger Moore (founder of The Splashpaw Foundation) for bringing treats and a cake for Mia’s birthday! It was real day of celebration!




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