NC Photographer Creates Images of Dancers/ “I Am a Dancer”

For the last month or so, I have been working on a self-project. I like to try and do one or two of these each year. You know, just to stretch my creativity and follow the passion for what I do! There is no better job than being a photographer and creating images that will mean more and more to people as time passes.

I am passionate about my craft and I know that I am lucky to be able to do what I love. Spring is always dance season for us here at IP. Year after year, I get to see the dedication and hard work these young kids and adults put into what they do. They, too, have passion and love what they do!

I titled my latest project, “I Am a Dancer”. I asked dancers to tell me why they love to dance, what drives them, and what it means to them to push through and be the best that they can be.I am a dancer_650We had an awesome response! The stories came in from young and old, well-seasoned and beginners, teachers, college students pursuing their dream, to professional dancers making this their livelihood! It was so cool.

This Sunday, May 17,  we will be showcasing all of the images I have created throughout this project. The exhibit will be on display at Positively Ballroom on Union Street in Concord from 4-6pm. The dancers and their families will attend with family and friends to see the “I Am a Dancer” exhibit for the very first time! I know, right?! So exciting! But wait, there is more! Each dancer will have the opportunity to dance their very own style and show off their moves for 3-5 minutes.

Check out some of the images we have created during the last few months…I am a dancer blog collage_900I have really enjoyed photographing these VERY talented dancers. I am so excited to showcase a passion for dance and a passion for photography as they come together!!

See you there!



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