Beautiful, Elegant Wedding Down on the Farm/ N.C. Wedding Photographer Captures Incredible Wedding Day!

As a wedding photographer, you anticipate the day, knowing that there will be so many opportunities to capture everything as it is really happening. The beauty of the venue, all the details planned for this moment, families being together, feelings, emotion, tears, happiness and LOVE especially!

Well, we had ALL that on May 16, 2015 at Adaumont Farm in Trinity, NC. It was a perfect gorgeous day for Nic and Brittany to become husband and wife. No, really. The weather was amazing. Big, fluffy clouds in the sky (you know how we photographers like fluffy clouds against a blue sky).sides_1877(1) copy

If you have never been to Adaumont Farm, you are missing some beautiful scenery! We were tickled to photograph on every bit of this venue.sides_2159(1) copy

When we arrived, we went straight to the ladies!1

Of course, the ladies were all ready on time. Another reason that this wedding was so awesome! More time for photography!sides_5927(1) copysides_1232(1) copysides_1395(1) copy

The ladies were lots of fun and willing to do anything. Our kind of girls!sides_1262(1) copy

girls on roadAs we work with the bride and her family over the year of preparation we become very close and actually feel like family!sides_1353(1) copy sides_1366(1) copy sides_1364(1) copyWe thought the girls were fun to work with…check this out!sides_1514(1) copy  We LOVE working with FUN people! The guys and Nic were pretty cool!sides_1525(1) copysides_1412(1) copy I love seeing the families together, lovin’ on each other and enjoying the celebration of the day! Group hugs are our motto!sides_1346(1) copy sides_1538(1) copyBrittany and Nic took real good care of their guests! They even shuttled their guests to the ceremony in a trolley car.sides_1632(1) copy The lovely Kim McIlwaine of The Bride’s Choice was the wedding planner and director. Great job, Kim!

The ceremony was awesome. The view was amazing! For me, the best part of the ceremony was Brittany and her dad pulling out from under the covered bridge in a Rolls-Royce and driving up to the center aisle! I know! SO COOL!!DSC_9090(1) copysides_6311(1) copysides_1778(1) copy sides_1785(1) copy sides_1793(1) copysides_1933(1) copy sides_1907(1) copyThe reception was beyond beautiful…sides_6526(1) copy2 3with cakeThe Tru Sol Band was soooo good. Everyone had a chance to dance and party!sides_6833(1) copysides_2506(1) copysides_2601(1) copysides_2702(1) copy  The photobooth was a big hit! This was a really fun-loving group of people! We had so much fun photographing everyone letting loose and getting goofy!bride & groom photoboothy photobooth

All in all, it was an absolutely perfect day and a wonderful start to Nic and Brittany’s new life together!sides_2706(1) copy sides_2714(1) copy

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Nic Watts!



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