Jason and Jessica’s Beautiful May Wedding/ Carrigan Farms N.C.

19What makes a perfect wedding? Depends on who you ask. As a photographic artist, I feel that there are many elements that can make a perfect wedding, such as if the weather is beautiful (big blue skies and fluffy clouds), or if the venue has really cool places to photograph! Note the images below! 3712The perfect wedding also consists of a fun wedding party who are willing to do whatever you ask them!172422You know there are no limits to creating images that speak. As wedding photographers, we are always ready for those really special moments between loved ones and the anticipation of what is going to happen next. I love this moment between Jessica and her brother Jason. Jess’s dad passed away a few years ago. Jason stepped in to walk her down the aisle. He surprised Jessica with some very beautiful earrings that were her dad’s birthstone. Something blue! You see, he was with her every minute!112526 Capturing every little detail is so important. Each bride has a different story. collage11614This story is extra sweet! On this day, not only did Jessica and Jason get married, but Jason pledged his love to Jessica’s sweet daughter, Lilly, too. There was truly not a dry eye at the ceremony. Jason bent down and read a beautiful message and told Lilly how much he loved her and that he was marrying her, too! I know!!!! He then gave her a necklace. It was so awesome to see this little family being born. collage2303133 35The greatest of these is love! On this day, two people who were supposed to find each other did!!!383940This is the beginning of a new beautiful life together.collage3 collage4 God Bless the Stanley Family!



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  1. Karen,
    Thank you so much for capturing our special day! All of your words written here are so true! Without you we wouldn’t have these amazing images and we are so thankful! Love you so much!


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