Tim and Sydney’s Uptown Love Story/ Charlotte Wedding Photographer

It was such a great honor to have been chosen to photograph Sydney and Tim’s wedding day! I have known Sydney’s family for many years and to see her marry her best friend was so special! If you know the Stikeleathers… you know that they are a bit crazy! Every year we would come up with some crazy idea for their Christmas card! I love this family and feel like I am the “same kinda crazy”. 1 collageSydney is her own kinda girl. She knows what she likes and is all about family! Both of her brothers were bridesmaids. Actually, I think we referred to them as “bridesbros”. They were full into it. Anything for Syd! They even went as far as to paint one of their toenails red like the other bridesmaids!12 Beauty is not only skin deep. Look how beautiful Sydney’s mom, Lauren, is! This is one beautiful lady with a beautiful heart!18 Of course you know that Sydney is a Daddy’s girl!2 collage5673 collage Preceding the wedding, we had only met Tim a few times. During their engagement session, they seemed to be a great match. They were both fun and a little crazzzy! He seems like a very nice guy.37 I attended the rehearsal (you know, just to see what was going on), and as I was watching, I noticed how attentive and affectionate Tim was to Sydney. I thought… this guy is really into her!23 As the wedding day unfolded, I realized how much in love these two people are. She was as much in love with him as he was in love with her. They saw each other for the first time in Uptown Charlotte. From the moment Tim laid eyes on Sydney at their “first look”, you could tell that he was completely smitten with her! From that point on, it was all about lovin on Syd. fb4Oh, by the way, Tim’s family was just as much fun as the Stikeleathers! Such great people. Four boys and a girl! Tim’s mom passed away last year. I know that Tim’s mom would be SO proud of the man Tim has become. 2120 19After  a fun photo session in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton, we headed out on the shuttle to The Great Aunt Stella Center. I have to say that it was a very entertaining ride! The entire wedding party broke out in song singing Bohemian Rhapsody not missing a beat!101122 If you have never been to The Great Aunt Stella Center, it is very beautiful!2439Stikeleather_1771 copy We did take a quick trip to the top of a parking deck to get a skyline image of the city.2526 The reception was at The Palmer Building. What a great place to have a party!7 collage After talking with guests and family, there was no doubt that Tim and Sydney were a match made in heaven!40Beautiful stories came out during the toasts! At one point, I watched as Tim’s friends (one after another) came up to him to congratulate him. He gave each one a huge bear hug. I could see how much these people cared about Tim.

It was such a very special moment when Neil, Sydney’s dad, gave his speech. He talked about how Tim asked for Sydney’s hand in marriage. He said that he knew Tim was a godly man. You know, it has to be hard giving your only daughter away to another man. Neil and Lauren both know that they do not have anything to worry about. Tim will take good care of their daughter! Yes, there were tears!45 46Of course the reception was too much fun! The Company Band kept everyone on the dance floor!5 collage 6 collage 49Shout out to wedding planner Kat at Best Day Ever for the amazing planning, Something Classic for the awesome food, Flowers by Lingky for the beautiful floral arrangements, and Ella’s Celestial Cakes for the show-stopping Krispy Kreme doughnut cake! Together these vendors put on a spectacular event for Tim and Sydney!

Everything about this wedding was about family, faith, and love! So glad to have been a part of this wonderful celebration! We wish Sydney and Tim GOD’S blessings!





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