NC wedding photographer captures southern elegance at it’s finest!

We knew where we would be whenever Miss Sarah Hubbard was to marry her forever beau. Knowing we would be right by her side, photographing her beautiful day. We have photographed Sarah’s family for a very long time. Sarah also was a part of the IP team for a few years! We also knew that whatever Sarah and her mom designed for her day, would be nothing short of incredible.

Well, in one word… Elegant! Everything was so beautiful! Blacks, golds, sleek white couches and beautiful decorations.Hubbard-Earnhardt_7917(1) copy2Sarah and Danny Earnhardt Jr. could not have asked for a more beautiful day! Trinity United Methodist was the perfect background for the ceremony.Hubbard-Earnhardt_4492 copyEverything about this wedding said family! Two amazing families coming together! The wedding party was full of brothers,sisters,cousins, BFF’s, and really tight, close people! Everybody was related to everybody. We have to say Sarah and Danny Jr. had two of the cutest little flower girls ever!Hubbard-Earnhardt_4081(1) copy3Hubbard-Earnhardt_4060(1) copy4567The Moment Sarah saw her dad the tears began to flow. Needless to say she is a daddy’s girl! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! Sarah and her family are very close.8Hubbard-Earnhardt_7414(1) copyredo.jpg10Cousins!!!11Now, the ladies in the bridal party were a bunch of awesome, crazy, cool girls. The best kind of girls, the ones that like to joke around and have fun. Lots of laughter and craziness! My kinda girls for sure.13Jordan decide to jump in on all the fun! Most times when I tell someone to lay down in front, no one takes me up on it. Way to go Jordan! You rock! Thanks for all your help at the wedding.12See how beautiful… 14161517Love the sunshine GOD gave us on that day!18If you haven’t heard of the Hubbard family, I am sure you have heard of the Earnhardt family! Icons in the Nascar community.

Presenting Danny Earnhardt Jr. and his groomsmen! They were all pretty cool guys. Love the crazy sock action.1920Sharp dressed men!21To me, Earnhardt translates to family! They are all about family and making each moment count! The best part of the wedding day was being able to watch all the LOVE unfold and being able to capture those amazing moments. We just love them!2223Love us some Martha Earnhardt…242526We even got a peek of Sarah and Danny Jr. together before the wedding!!!2728There was a packed house for Sarah and Danny Jr’s ceremony. Sarah’s dad Kirk is pretty cool. He just likes to have fun and there was plenty of joking around the night of rehearsal. Friday night he chest bumped with the groom. Kirk was instructed to be on his best behavior the day of the wedding. Deep down I was hoping Kirk would act up! (You know just for the photograph). He did behave… Kirk put a bullet in Danny Jr’s hand when he reached the end of the isle.29bulletWhat I love the most about Sarah is her bubbly, crazy personality! Just take a look at her and all her cuteness!30The little people in the wedding were so cute! Cute and awesome!3132The sand ceremony…33.jpgLove Sarah’s cute faces… she loves that man!3435Miranda hard at work!36We are family!!!37The bride and groom were chauffeured by Mr. Buddy Goforth in an amazing 57 Chevrolet! I know… it was so cool!383940The 57 pulled right up to the front door of The City Club! One of our favorite venues. It was so beautiful.43The incredible food was prepared by The Varsity! It was delicious. Oh, the deserts rocked too!

deserts.jpg44Needless to say, everyone had a really good time dancing and celebrating. Virtual Sounds did an amazing job keeping everyone on the dance floor!

IP set up our photo booth and we all had a ball. Miranda worked her magic!photo boothSo it seems as though Sarah and Danny Jr’s wedding was one of the best weddings ever!last photo.jpgBlessings and God’s favor you both Mr. and Mrs. Danny Earnhardt Jr.

We love y’all!


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