Whitley Family hosts May wedding at Boxwood Estates – NC Wedding Photographer

May 14th, 2016 – what a beautiful day it was for a wedding! It could not have been more perfect for Alexandra and Greyson. From a photographer’s point of view, it was flawless. Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, incredible venue and skies filled with clouds and bits of sunshine throughout the day.


How cool was it for our friend Hope Whitley to be helping her very own daughter into her wedding dress. Owning Hope’s Bridal Boutique, she has done this for so many beautiful brides!!!











Check out how beautiful Alexandra is!








This was definitely a wedding we were looking forward to because of all the awesome people involved. Knowing most of the bridesmaids made it so much fun. Few crazies in there too! (wink) Love the ladies!!


There are so many special moments on a wedding day. The first look always one of those. It is a time before the ceremony that a bride and groom can come together and see each other in a quiet, intimate moment. Just enjoy each other. What an awesome moment indeed.  Soooo sweet!


Alexandra and Greyson both had special wedding gifts for each other. Greyson was so excited to give Ali hers! Good job on the diamond necklace, Greyson!


The guys are usually crazy and fun to wrangle. These guys were no exception! Check out these sharp dressed men.


One of the best parts of any wedding is celebrating with family! I have known the Whitley family for many years. There is nothing more satisfying than to photograph for friends and family! Being a photographer for almost thirty years, I have had the honor of photographing so many families that have turned into friends. So glad to have been asked to photograph for such a special occasion for David and Hope Whitley!


I have also photographed for the Medley family. Extra special stuff!


You know that moment when you see your daughter in her wedding dress for the first time…yup, pretty awesome!


Capturing moments like this make my heart happy. Trying to find dad’s serious side is not always easy, especially when he is not a serious guy!


Thanking the Lord for absolute perfect weather!


See the white fluffy clouds? Be still my heart, says the photographer in me!


Throw in a vintage car with the coolest wedding party ever and, well, that is all you need.


Every once in a while you find that couple that will do anything. Alexandra and Greyson were all about this pose!


When you get to work with the best vendors in the industry, you can’t complain. The flowers were incredible! Poppies Floral did a beautiful job. JP from Varsity killed it with the food and the cake! PB&J were lovely to serve the many guests.


As always, Too Much Sylvia had no trouble getting people on the dance floor!


Nothing like a bridesmaid that will throw out a rap song just for the bride and groom! Go Krysta!


By looking at these images, you can surely tell that everyone had an awesome fun time at this wedding. I know I did! After 27 years of being a photographer, I was in the midst of lots of friends and clients I have photographed over the years. There were lots of old folks (my age) on the dance floor cutting up!!! So much fun.  David and Hope sure know how to throw an awesome party!!


Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to Mr. & Mrs. Medley!


Love to all,




Venue: Boxwood Estate

Dresses: Hope’s Bridal Boutique

Hair/Makeup: Angela Rabon

Catering: Varsity BBQ, Kannapolis

Servers: PB&J Catering

Cake: Party House

Flowers & Decor: Poppie’s Floral Design

Planning/Directing: Lynn Neal of Hotel Concord

Entertainment: Too Much Sylvia

Tenting: Venue Services

Photobooth: Irresistible Portraits

Photography: Irresistible Portraits



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