Happy Accidents – Cabarrus Living Magazine June 2016


by Karen Goforth, Master Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer

Some families think a portrait session is just too much hassle. Finding the perfect outfits, working with everyone’s schedules to find a convenient time everyone can agree on or simply getting all the family members to agree to attend can be a task. Once you get everyone to the session, things can go wrong then too. The new baby poops all over dad then pukes all over mom’s top that took her so long to finally decide on. Little brother skips his nap to attend the session with his older siblings and acts silly due to a lack of sleep. Your daughter forgets her ballet shoes for her senior dance portraits. Your dog runs through the mud on the way to the car heading to your session. Your sons bring their bats, balls and all things sports-related for their 5 and 7 year portraits, and everything rolls away from you as your open your van door in the parking lot.

After 27 years of photography, we’ve seen it all. But the good news is… It adds a story to your portrait! It’s worth all the preparation. We still get the perfect image that shows the personality of your family and when your visitors comment on your wall portrait, you have a story to share – a memory you’ll never forget. The laugh on mom and dad’s “new parent” face when they get christened in the newborn session ends up being their favorite image. Little brother lying across his siblings’ laps in a silly, tired mood is the perfect image to showcase their relationship and will hang over your mantle forever. Your daughter’s barefoot senior dance portrait means even more when you see those cute toes that you remember rubbing as your held her as a newborn. Your rambunctious fur baby, dirty paws and all, in your family portrait just seems to make it complete. The moment of pure frustration while chasing baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls through the parking lot was definitely worth the image of your boys with their confident smiles surrounded by their favorite things at this time in their life!

So the honest truth – Most kids don’t behave (two legged or four!) Most parents stress. But you get this one chance in life to capture this stage of your family and this just shows why you hire a professional who can handle all the happy accidents!

See the mobile version here.


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