Newest Addition: Equestrian Portraits

Wow….We have enjoyed photographing dance studios for more than 20 years now! This go-round, we are excited to announce the addition of Equestrian Portraits with Cypress Hill Farm!

We have loved photographing horses over the last ten years at our annual Wings of Eagles Fundraiser. We can’t wait to extend our work with horses now to horses and equestrian riders.2017-01-27_0001Cypress Hill Farm is a barn located off of Highway 73 in Concord offering riding lessons and boarding for horses. 2017-01-27_0002Their property is absolutely beautiful and will provide a gorgeous backdrop for these portraits in late March! 2017-01-27_0003We will be offering riders at Cypress Hill the opportunity to have formal portraits taken with their own horse, or one of the horses owned by Cypress Hill. There is just something so special about the relationship between a rider and their horse!2017-01-27_0005.jpg

Just from this mini-session with CJ, you can tell these Equestrian Portraits are going to be amazing!!


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