Fostering a relationship with the Humane Society

img_5464We’re big animal lovers here. You can tell as soon as you walk in the studio and are greeted by our studio dogs, Hank and Moses, trying to jump over the door between the office and the front room.

Aside from photographing family pets, we have fostered a relationship with the Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus County over the years. We started out by traveling to photograph the shelter pups every few months back in November of 2014!

img_4791The images we took of these precious pups on a professional background with tutus, ties, hats and more helped bring out the individual personalities of these dogs, rather than just a quick image in the kennels that showed the fear and sadness in their eyes.
After visiting the shelter, we bring the images back to the studio, add a name to the image to identify the dog and send those images back to the Humane Society for them to upload to their Facebook and website.

What started out as a visit every few months, has turned into a visit every few weeks. Our latest session at the Humane Society led to 20 adoptions in just three days!

Just yesterday, we received a message from one of the foster parents at the shelter saying, “Because of your wonderful pictures, all of my sweet foster puppies were adopted!”2017-01-31_0003

Occasionally, the pups make their way over to our studio to be photographed. Sometimes it’s pure chaos with eight shepherd pups running around in the camera room or trying to get all five 7-week-old puppies to stay in place and look in the same direction. We enjoy every second of it, as you can see in this live video.

Working with the shelter pups holds a special place in our hearts. We truly believe every dog deserves a loving home. We’re happy to have a small part in these dogs finding their furrever-homes!





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