Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus County hosts 10th annual SPAYghetti Dinner

You know we love our four-legged friends! We were lucky enough to attend the 10th annual SPAYghetti dinner hosted by the Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus County this past weekend. The event was filled with supporters who have hearts for animals, just like we do.


We’ve been working with the Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus County since 2014. It’s one of many causes we feel very passionate about.


We were absolutely blown away when Mike Sims took a minute to thank us for the images we take of each shelter pup. Mike went on to say Karen is the main factor in 80% of dog adoptions, a statistic we are astounded by!


Judy Sims had this to say about Karen:

The impact that Karen Goforth and her amazing photos has had on our adoption percentage has been phenomenal. Karen is able to capture the personality of each dog and puppy which brings them to life in our website. Since Karen and her team began photographing our dogs, our adoptions have doubled. Even the most difficult ases are presented beautifully and with such heart and soul. We are always so excited to publish new pictures following a photoshoot because we know they will draw enthusiastic adopters in to our shelter! Karen is AMAZING and we are so grateful that she chooses to share her amazing talent with us!



Katie and Brandon rescued “Cloudy Savannah” after seeing this sweet Christmas image in December. They renamed her “Sadie” and she’s now a spoiled little girl! She had her Valentine portraits taken earlier this year and sent the most adorable Valentine cards to her new extended family.


Our own, Leah, rescued “Steve Harvey” after he visited the studio for his litter’s portraits in January. Him and his other talk show-host siblings, “Oprah,” “Geraldo,” “Rikki Lake,” “Arsenio Hall” stole our hearts. They were so excited to be out of cages but terrified at the same time. Little Steve was lucky enough to get adopt by Leah a couple days later. He’s our newest greeter at IP. You’ll see Hank and Moses as soon as you walk through the door, but look over the half door to see “Brewer” (named after his mommy’s alma mater…Go App!).


To say Brewer is loved is an understatement. He has his own Instagram account where you can follow his day to day life, the true rags to riches story line – @pupnamedbrewer.

We will continue to photograph the pups as often as they need us to. We are happy to volunteer our time and energy if even one pup is saved! And we look forward to Judy’s updates through text message after posting their images about how many adoptions took place that weekend!

As always, #adoptdontshop.





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