Baby Bundles to Capture Your Newborn’s First Year

We’ve caught baby fever here at the studio…baby photography fever that is! We’ve had newborns and young babies in the studio so much lately that we just can’t help it!

We’re so lucky to be able to watch the newborns we photograph learn and grow through their first year. Each time they come to the studio for their next session, they’ve hit a new milestone whether it’s sitting up, crawling, their first two teeth poking through or even their first steps!


We are so fond of these little ones after spending so much time with them in their first year. Most all of our clients opt for the Baby  Plan package, allowing us to see these little ones every few months!

This little guy was destined to come to IP for his first year considering Karen has photographed his mommy and her siblings all their lives.

Landon’s first IP visit was for his newborn portraits at just 2 weeks old. We always recommend newborn portraits in the first two weeks of your baby’s life so they’re still so cuddly and sleepy. A little bit of milk will melt them back into a deep sleep and we can do all these adorable little poses. Landon was awake for most of his newborn session but we still got some AMAZING  images of those blue eyes and those ginger features.


Landon came back to visit us for his three month session. In just three short months he had already grown so much! He might be one of the smiliest boys we know!


Landon’s six month session fell in November, just in time for our Holiday sets! It was the perfect way to document his first Christmas! We could hardly believe he was already sitting up on his own!


Little man made it to standing up in his Nine Month Session, with a little support of course! We had to include some Steelers images for dad. We felt like he was a part of the IP family at this point! We watched him grow from just a newborn to a little boy learning to walk!


We finished off the year with Landon with a colorful cake smash! It was the perfect way to wrap up our fun-filled year with Landon. These images are always perfect for first birthday invites or even birthday thank you cards.


After seeing Landon five times throughout his first year, we have been able to work on creating the perfect album of his first year!


After so much fun with the families who have joined our baby plan, we’ve expanded our Baby Plan to five different Baby Bundles that allow parents to select the Bundle that works best for them!

Each Baby Bundle includes a Newborn Session and a One Year Session, and vary from there. With the little ones changing so much in their first year, you want to have a memory of them at each stage! We can help you with that.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our Baby Bundles or even including IP in your baby registry for upcoming showers, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.


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