Planning your beach session

Beach Sessions are just around the corner. We’re already excited and can’t wait to stick our toes in the sand while photographing families on the Carolina coast. We took the time to sit down with Karen and ask her what makes for a fabulous Beach Session. She has so many tips to share!

Beach photography is absolutely timeless. It never goes out of style. Looking at images from our years of Beach Sessions, it’s difficult to place a time on them because they are classic! You’d never look at the below images and guess that all of these sessions are from five years ago.


Karen’s biggest tip when including young children in your Beach Session? Let them rest during the day of the session. Nobody wants to be red and sunburnt for their family portraits! It’s also helpful to bring snacks and a few bottles of water for the children.


Make your beach session all the more personal by including props or special items pertaining to your family in your session. Some of our favorites have been Scrabble letters, a giant letter of your family’s last name or your own pet! They’re included as family member anyways, right?


Karen’s favorite tip? Don’t be afraid to mix in a pop of color in your family’s wardrobe! White and khaki are good options to fall back on, but the most popular colors to mix in are aqua, coral or different shades of blue. Now-a-days, being all matchy-matchy is NOT a requirement for family portraits! In fact, we advise against it!


We are always likely to encounter wind when being on the beach. Long hair is always gorgeous when blowing in the wind, but a hair brush or comb might be a good idea to have on hand!

For the best lighting, Karen has two sessions per day available! The 6:00 session typically gives a gorgeous glow to portraits, while the 7:00 session offers more silhouette and sunset portraits! With two sessions available per day, they go quick!


Beach sessions are the perfect opportunity to bring the entire extended family together for updating family portraits! Give us a call to talk about where your family will be vacationing at the beach this summer and we can work out an evening to photograph your family!


Karen’s other tips for your Beach Session:

  • Bring a towel and change of clothes for the little ones. They might end up wet!
  • Beach Sessions make for great Christmas cards! Plan ahead and bring your favorite Santa hats!
  • Beach sessions are also perfect for maternity, engagement and other exciting family announcements!

With just two sessions available per night, Beach Sessions have limited availability. Give us a call at the studio or fill out the form linked here to contact us about dates and times. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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