Location Bridal Portrait Session at Concord Family Estate

Congratulations to the new Mrs. Saenz! We are on location at the Niblock estate right here in Concord for our fifth Niblock family wedding! We have worked closely with this family over the years and we consider them friends after watching their children grow up.

It only made sense to have Rebekah’s bridal portraits on location in the home she grew up in. We started in her formal living room with a grand piano and many of Karen’s portraits on the walls! Even on the coffee table was a copy of Rebekah’s sister, Ginny’s IP wedding album from 2014.

With a bridal session at her home, Rebekah was able to incorporate so much of what was important to her in her life. Plus a pair of UNC Chapel Hill heels! (Ha!) Of course, Karen was all about those since her and Bud are huge Tar Heel fans.

The Niblock estate features acres of land, century old trees, and iconic black fencing made from the old rubber from tires at the race track that used to be on that land.

We were also able to incorporate her own horse into her session! It brings a special sentiment to her bridal images to be able to bring in so much of what was important to her in her childhood.

Take a look at a few of our favorite images from Rebekah’s bridal session. We can’t wait to share with you the images from tonight’s wedding with you on Wednesday!







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