Planning your Senior Session

It’s your time, you finally made it to your senior year! Mom and Dad may cry, your little siblings may rejoice, but this year is all about you!

While there are plenty of things to think and stress out about during your senior year, one of the fun things to plan is your senior portraits! It’s so important to capture the essence of who you are and everything that makes you you at this stage of your life before so much of your life changes!


So what all goes into senior portraits? What should you plan for? What do you bring??? It all may seem overwhelming at first, but we have a few tips below to make planning your senior session easy-peasy!


Madison, a 2017 Cox Mill High School senior, had this to say about packing for your session,

“Bring as many outfit options as you can! Karen is so creative when it comes to what outfits she’ll throw you in and where you’ll go to take your pictures so it is always good to have too much rather than too little. Be outgoing when you decide what to pack. Since Karen is so unique, an outfit that you may not wear on a regular basis will probably fit right into what she has planned.”


The best part… you don’t need to stress over your clothes. Our advice to you: Bring it all. We recommend a garment rack across your back seat and ALL your favorite clothes hanging on it! Think all seasons. Even though it’s hot outside during your session, don’t forget your furry winter jacket or a fabulous scarf. Bring your favorite band T-shirt, a hat from the college you chose, an heirloom piece of jewelry that’s special to your family. Don’t forget shoes and accessories of all kinds – hats, jewelry, scarves, belts, umbrella and rainboots, purses, headbands, etc.

Karen has a special eye for color harmonies and outfit symmetry. She’s so good at picking out outfits that just work! We’ll capture all your silliness, your seriousness and just how beautiful you are!

“Be as goofy as you can during your session. The more fun you are having the better your photos will turn out.”


Are you ready to start planning your senior session? Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you shortly!


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