Newborn sessions: What to bring!

There really isn’t anything sweeter than a newborn baby swaddled in a blanket laying in a basket surrounded by teddy bears from his crib. It’s the personal touches like a blanket passed down multiple generations, or your great-grandfather’s fishing rod that really make these portraits so intimate and special to your family.

We’re lucky enough to get our baby fix pretty often here at the studio! Whether it’s our own lead wedding photographer Maureen stopping in with her little one, Luke, or one of the several newborns we photograph, we’re always excited to be around babies!


There are so many things to think about when preparing for your newborn session. You can leave the tricks for posing, swaddling, and making sure they’re comfortable up to us! Below are the things for you to start thinking about when preparing for your Newborn Session!

Include Mom or Dad’s occupation.

Firefighters, police officers, marine corps, doctors and more! We love to see mom and dad’s daily life be a part of a Newborn Session.


Include items that are personal to your family.


Whether it’s a teddy bear that belonged to your grandmother, or a baseball jersey of you and your husband’s favorite team, we want to find a way to represent your family interests in your session.

Include family members. 


This session is all about the newest addition to the family, but with a two-hour newborn session, we have time to mix in family portraits too! This is such a special time in your lives. You’re going to want to remember your family how it is at this very moment!

Include Seasonal Props.


Maybe she’s a Christmas baby, or a July 4th baby! No matter the season or holiday, we want to incorporate it into your Newborn Session; and don’t worry, we have seasonal props galore here in the studio! Have you ever peaked back there in our prop room? It’s filled with just about anything you could ever think of!

Bring your nursery decorations to use as props.


We like to think ahead and plan for the images to go with the room you’re hanging them in. The number one place to hang your newborn wall portraits? The nursery!

The secret to all those sleeping baby images? Patience and MILK!!


Make sure you come prepared with a few extra milk! You will want to feed them right before their session to get them to sleep. We like to have extra on hand in case they wake up in the session. You’re welcome to cozy up in the dressing room and breastfeed if you’d like. With a two-hour session, it gives us plenty of time to get them back to sleep, and plenty of time to wait for that perfect shot!

Patience. We have plenty. Make sure you bring yours. We have the wait for the perfect moment, where hands are in the perfect relaxed position, lips are relaxed from the pacifier being pulled out, and their little face is just perfect! There may be some tears, but with a heating pad, a warm room, some white noise and patience (And mommy’s milk), we’ll get it! We always do.



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