Downtown Donuts and More!

Earlier this week, Karen and our newest intern, Emily, made a trip to Concord’s newest little donut shop, Downtown Donuts! Emily did a great job planning and executing this commercial session, incorporating colorful details to match the yummies!

We’re big fans of Downtown Donuts here at the studio. Jess passes the shop on her way to the studio every morning. When we’re lucky, she brings a dozen to work! Our favorites? Karen, Buddy and Erica are big fans of the Blueberry Hill donut. Jessica and Leah¬†love the Maple Bacon donut. Jessica’s two-year-old son, Grayson, who gets to stop in to the shop in the mornings always orders the Tutti Frutti donut!

Stop in to Downtown Donuts on Union Street in Concord when you get a chance! Your taste buds won’t regret it, although your waistband might!


We’ve dipped our toes in commercial photography a good bit recently. It’s a nice, creative challenge to photograph products, homes and food when you’re used to brides, seniors, babies and dogs!

If you’ve been in the studio within the past year, you’ve noticed a few upgrades! We’ve teamed up with MUSE Residential to upgrade our studio! We also work with them to photograph their newly renovated projects, everything from kitchens to master bathrooms.

The MUSE team does beautiful work. They take your HGTV dreams and bring them to life! If you’re interested in learning more about MUSE, visit their website and tell them we sent you! Or you can check them out at their Ladies Night Out Thursday, July 27th! We’ll be there with our photobooth!


Take a look at a few other commercial product images we’ve done!



We’re always up for a creative challenge!


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