NC Breast Cancer foundation hosts Model/Runway event as Fundraiser.

For the last 8 years, Focused on a Cure breast cancer Foundation has hosted Piggin’ out for Pink as their annual fundraiser with great success. This year we wanted to do something different in our fundraising efforts. Carolina’s Next Top Model 2017 will take place on October 28th. We did this years ago back in 2011 and it went really well and was a lot of fun!


Has your little boy or girl ever dreamed of being a model or walking the runway? Here’s a chance for all girls (and boys) to be a model for one night! Hair, makeup, professional portraits by fashion photographers and strutting your stuff down a professional runway! Great prizes and fun with family and friends!


Carolina’s Next top Model event will begin on October 27th and  go through October 28th at The City Club in Concord. We will accept 25 contestants in each of age group. Girls age 5-8, 9-12, 13-17 and 18-21, and boys age 5-10. Be sure to register as soon as possible to make sure you reserve your spot!


We will have professional fashion photographers photographing on Friday afternoon from 4-9 pm, shooting head shots and full length images for each contestants. Each contestant will receive an 8×10 from each set! Our Fashion photographers will score each contestant for photogenic on their head shots and full length portraits to add to their runway score.

2017-09-26_0004 2017-09-26_0005

On Saturday morning, each contestant will be dressed and ready for a  designer “Hollywood Glamour” set for their last 8×10 portrait. Hair and makeup will be available to each contestant. Can you see it? Hair, lights, makeup and smile!



Directly after each group is photographed on the Hollywood set, they will proceed to the runway where they will be educated on how to walk the runway that night. They will also get pointers on how to impress the judges. There will be four judges on the sideline of the runway. They will determine the contestant scores from their presence on the runway.


There will be ten finalists from each age group. Once the finalists are chosen from each group, they will head back stage to change into to evening wear that will be provided for them by Concord Wedding center! How exciting! What girl doesn’t like to dress up!


During intermission, while the contestants are changing we will show our Focused on a Cure breast cancer documentary! This is the real reason this is all happening! Breast cancer survivors will walk the runway and show off their awesomeness! You will see how amazing, strong, and inspirational they really are. We will highlight their incredible cancer story (with photographs of course) as they walk the runway! We will show case each survivor and shower them with love!!!!  We will also be honoring the one survivor that started this all as she celebrates being a 10 year survivor.


The 2017 FOC breast cancer exhibit will also be unveiled and everyone will be able to see our new survivor metals. We currently have more than 100 metals in our exhibit. If you haven’t seen this incredible exhibit, you are in for a treat!


Once the finalists come back from dressing, they will walk the runway again in formal wear. There will be one winner from each age group. They will receive a cash gift and other goodies! There will also be an overall winner with the highest score. Each contestant will receive a goody bag and their printed images from their photo shoots.


Through the gracious support of our sponsors, the help of many volunteers, the contestants and tickets to the event, we hope to raise $30,000 on this night. Come join us to help fight breast cancer and honor those that have fought the fight! See you there!




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