Michelle and Richard say “I do” at Raylen Vineyards in Mocksville, NC

Michelle and Richard decided to say their vows at the same place as their first date – Raylen Vineyards, in Mocksville, NC. And we’ve always heard rain on your wedding day means many blessings… so these two will be VERY, VERY blessed. Actually, they are already blessed! Beside them at the altar, stood Michelle’s daughter and grandson, Alexandria and Kingston, and Richard’s son, Chase, among their other friends and family.

Michelle and Richard didn’t want to ruin tradition by seeing each other before the ceremony, so we took an image of her looking down from the bridal suite as he stood down below. We tried to warn him how gorgeous she looked and to be prepared… but nothing beats seeing the reaction of a groom’s face when he first sees his bride in her white gown. Let’s just say Richard got a little emotional. Just one more reason why we love our jobs – capturing raw moments.

The rain stopped and everyone enjoyed a beautiful reception on a fall evening with a dance floor under the night sky! But the IP photo booth was a hit, once again. Richard and his groomsmen were entertaining to say the least!

We had a great day, despite rainy weather! We wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Craig a week of fabulous weather in Punta Cana, and a lifetime of happiness together.

XOXO, Jess, Maureen & Emily


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