The Tradition Fades

Remember getting dolled up in your Sunday’s finest and your parents hauling you across town to Olan Mills, Sears Portrait studio, or rewind years back to a an artist who planned to paint your portrait?!? Times have changed. The process has changed. The expectations have changed. The tradition is fading. Oils on a canvas is becoming a lost art. Believe us; we have to beg our artist to do each painting our clients request. She’s the lone ranger in her industry, in our area anyway. Nowadays, a simple snapshot, school picture or maybe even a traditional photograph takes this traditions place. We (at IP) are not willing to accept this.

There’s still a need to carry on a family tradition. Walk through your grandparents home. Do you see each child’s adorable portrait? Probably each around the same age, maybe even the same outfit worn in each portrait. Where did we lose our sense of tradition? Less printing. Less display of our loved ones. We’re more focused on our icloud storage than continuing a tradition.

We have a solution. This is today’s version of a traditional oil portrait – an Old Masters digital painting. The image can be as traditional or as contemporary as you’d like. The technique is what makes it a piece of art. An artist digitally paints each stroke on the image, like a traditional artist would choose a brush, a color of oil and decide how much pressure to put on the brush as it touches the canvas. The same is done but in the computer. Amazing, isn’t it?

See examples of traditional and not-so-traditional digital paintings below. Compare the original and the painting. Compare the textures, the brushstrokes, the technique.

busby1busbydogscampbelleggersbusby3eudy1eudy2eudy3eudy4fordvanpeltOldMasters_25percent_emailDuring the month of February, we’re offering 25% off these beautiful pieces of art! Did we mention that since we will have a digital file of this creation and we can print smaller gift prints for your family members?

Another fun fact! The image doesn’t have to be recent. If we’ve photographed your family in the past, we can pull old images to have painted as well!


You have 28 days. Ready. Set. Call! 704.933.5600.

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