NC wedding photographer creates beautiful images amidst Hurricane Matthew


Saturday, October 8th was the day that Mallory and Channing chose for their special day! Who knew that Hurricane Matthew would decide that he was coming ashore on that same weekend? We left the studio on a prayer that GOD would clear the skies and stop the rain for this outside ceremony.


As we traveled to The Depot at Cody Creek through the pouring rain, we had high hopes of using the beautiful grounds of the venue for our amazing images! As we arrived at the hotel to meet the bride and her bridesmaids, it was barely sprinkling. (I know right)!

We headed over to the venue and it had stopped raining! Praise the Lord! It was perfect weather any photographer would love! Over cast skies and no rain.

What a beautiful bride Mallory was! Check out her stunning bridesmaids.


The groomsmen weren’t too shabby either! Channing was such a handsome groom.



We were able to use every bit of the beautiful grounds. Mallory kept saying “GOD is so faithful. He is going to give us the perfect day!” Well he sure did. We got to the top of the hill where the ceremony would take place.  The folks on the hill said that there were still 20 -25 mile an hour winds up there. They were still discussing whether to move the ceremony inside just in case. Mallory never wavered in her faith that GOD would deliver all she and Channing had prayed for. Well, guess what? The winds died down as soon as it was time for the first look!


The ceremony was breath taking! Two awesome families united!


If you have never been to The Depot at Cody Creek, it is phenomenal! The inside is like a cabin in the mountains. Beautiful wood and homey accents all around! Don’t even get me started on the food. It was fabulous!!!!


There were so many special moments on this day! Love pouring out from family makes each wedding so special. My favorite part of any wedding is seeing the love over flowing right before your eyes.  This wedding day was certainly not any different.


2016-10-14_00162016-10-14_00142016-10-14_0017We absolutely love this couple and we wish them a long life of happiness!

GOD Bless!






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